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Welcome to TS Management System (TSMTS)

Today we live in a world, which is extremely controlled by information technology. In another way we can say that information technology is the backbone of today’s world. But our country is not in sufficient shape in IT comparing with other part of the world, specially our educational materials. Education is the most significant key for any country to get a well formed shape in IT.

“TS Management System (TSMTS)” is providing Integrated Software Service to meet our educational institute software demand. We believe that this Management System will help greatly to different kinds of institute as well as students and teachers.

We feel one thing extremely that the economical status of our educational institute is not sufficient to bear such kind of automation project developing cost. For this, our students and teachers can not enjoy the facility of information technology such as web based automated library system.

Now, we are trying to reduce the digital divide and we want to work a lot for our country and particularly for our education. For this, we have a lot of plan and one of the plans is TS Management System (TSMTS). We feel free to see the TS Management System (TSMTS) as a complete automation solution for you.

Why school website is needed?

  • Increasing Involvement of parents
  • It can provide information about your school for existing pupils and parents as well as potential ones
  • How often do children lose letters? If they are published on the website they can be accessed at any time

Advantages of TSMTS

  • Better access to institutional portfolio
  • Smooth and faster information transfer to students and guardians.
  • Information access from any where any time
  • Easily manageable/upgradeable web contents

TS Management System